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BORN IN BARCELONA Cycling is a state of mind

Our Road

Una aventura sin precedentes

The fourth edition of Among the Giants is over and the stories couldn't be more spectacular. The incredible landscapes of the Tyrol accompanied us throughout the journey, with the aim...

We ride Among the Giants.

A new challenge, a new story to tell. From Raw Cycling Magazine we have been invited to participate in the event Among the Giants, where several brands and riders meet...

Base Layer's: The Origin

Sometimes great things happen because they must. Because in this great puzzle that is cycling, there are still some pieces missing.

Born in Barcelona

Something for every rider.Ride and breathe the mediterranean.The long history of spanish victories in Grand Tours and races proves that the Spanish geography has something to offer you if riding...

Product developing

A balance between performance, design and sustainabilityAll our products are born from an issue on the bike and the will to produce something that we can´t find. Innovative solutions to...

Cycling is a state of mind

Inspired by the need to escape the city and chase the mountains, we design and produce high-performance cycling clothing.The pursuit of a balance between performance and comfort drives us to...

Responsibly producing.

Our responsibility.Born in Barcelona. Produced in the European Union.As lovers of cycling, we love our roads, the landscape, the forests, the smell of the mountains and the sea; and we...


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