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Iconic Climbs Base Layers

Our new Limited Edition: The Iconic Climbs’s Base Layers is out. A collection inspired by four of the most iconic climbs in Barcelona, Girona and the Pyrenees: Tourmalet, Tibidabo, Turó de l’Home and Els Àngels. We wanted to pay tribute to their status as giants of our cycling landscape with four unique and colorful designs by Sagittarius Designs. 

Each of the four designs of the collection is different and special, as is each of the climbs they represent. To illustrate in the best possible way what each climb in the cycling world means, we interviewed four cyclists. 

Claudia has done the Tourmalet with some friends and describes it as a magical experience, a motivational shot. Anna has done Tibidabo many times, but she still doesn't get tired of it. For her, Tibidabo is a way to escape the routine. Isma has made El Turó de l’Home and for him, like the whole Montseny Natural Park, it is a very special climb. Melo, when he did Els Àngels, was speechless. He describes it as a unique experience that must be done once in a lifetime and that he is eager to repeat. 

In addition, thanks to its FreshFeel technology, our Base Layers are highly breathable and absorbent, helping you regulate body temperature. 

Which one is your favorite? 

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