Twenty One Cycling & Comeypedalea

Nutrition Lab.

Your full potential starts at a healthy table.

Eating nutritious food is the first step towards more effective and healthier exercise for your body. The first few metres of a good ride should always start in the kitchen. For this reason, in our Nutrition Lab you will find the best tips and healthy habits to train your stomach and achieve optimal performance in your adventures, whether you are a professional or an enthusiast. Welcome!
Comeypedalea, a philosophy by Martina Rebull

Martina Rebull works as a nutritionist without forgetting her passion: cycling. And from this combination comes Comeypedalea, a user name that has made her popular on socials and a philosophy that she applies in her daily routine and spreads to help other athletes to achieve their challenges. 

  "I discovered my passion for cycling at a very young age and, gradually, it has become an essential part of my life. It's my time to disconnect and enjoy time with my friends. For me, cycling means freedom, fun and self-improvement. I couldn't have one without the other.”. 

A combination of values for a new way of life

En Twenty One nos gusta estar presentes en cada detalle para conseguir el máximo rendimiento en los entrenamientos. Por eso elaboramos nuestras prendas desde cero para potenciar todos y cada uno de los atributos que ayudan a un ciclista a llegar a su máximo nivel. Y tan importante como una buena prenda es una buena nutrición.
 En Martina Rebull no sólo encontramos una profesional excelente, sino una colaboradora que ayuda a alcanzar la excelencia. Con una pasión absoluta por el ciclismo y una formación completa en Nutrición (Graduada en Nutrición Humana y Dietética por la Universidad de Barcelona, Máster en Nutrición Clínica por la Universidad de Glasgow y especializada en nutrición deportiva) Martina sabe que el camino para lograr grandes sensaciones a dos ruedas pasa, primero de todo, por alimentarse saludablemente.
 Con esta alianza entre Twenty One y Comeypedalea, queremos ofrecer a aquellos ciclistas más apasionados un espacio donde poder informarse sobre nutrición deportiva y encontrar las mejores recetas para poder cumplir sus objetivos. Come bien con Martina Rebull y pedalea con Twenty One en esta nueva aventura.

Four principles of our body

Get to know it

We are all different. What works for someone else may not work for you. Knowing what we like and what feels good or bad is the first step to having a healthy body.

Take care of it

We only have one body and we have to take care of it. Eat healthy, exercise and rest. These three pillars are the essential foundation that will make your body feel cared.

Giving you what you need

Everyone puts different demands on their body. A professional cyclist is not the same as an amateur cyclist. The amount and type of food must be adapted to the needs of each individual.

Make it move

Exercise is essential for the well-being of the body and the benefits are countless. Cycling is one of the most complete sports and it is also very respectful of our joints. Get out there and ride!