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BORN IN BARCELONA Cycling is a state of mind

Twenty One Cycling


Why Twenty One?

21 is the number that defines the stages of the Tour, the Giro and the Vuelta. In other words, it is the number that captures the very essence of cycling, that of overcoming the adversity of nature and personal limits to taste glory. From the excitement of the rookie on his first ride to the cyclist crying on the ground beside his bike after a 200 km mountain stage, there is only one way: passion. Passion is the engine for success. That's why we don't see cycling as a sport, but as a lifestyle from the first glass of water in the morning to the last drop of sweat of the day.

By cyclists, for cyclists

Every training session is a unique adventure. And those who want to push their limits must be prepared for anything. Whether it's on the mountain, by the sea or on a road through the woods, the goal is always the same: push our performance to the highest level. That's why each garment is created and designed with a common idea of high performance, comfort and sophistication. With a team behind that shares the same passion for this sport as you. They all work hard and as a team to give the cycling world what they demand for their training: the best.

With you from kilometre zero

At Twenty One we understand cycling as an activity that doesn't just happen on a bike, but as a twenty-four hour culture of people who live by it every minute. That's why our garments are not only designed to improve the cycling experience on the road, but also to improve the environment and the daily lives of those who work to enrich the culture of this sport. Our clothes are created and cared for to the smallest detail, always working with local suppliers and taking care that each material and fabric used is the best option for the cyclist. Our products are designed giving importance to each aspect that compose them, from unique patterns designed exclusively for the body of men and women, to exclusive colours to represent the whole personality of the brand and stand out in every season of the year. But the cycling experience continues even away from the bike. Our big family will be ready to welcome and advise you on every technical aspect of our product, as well as on the best routes and practices that you can do to get the best performance and enjoy every moment on the two wheels. A philosophy in which we believe and defend at all times, promoting cycling culture and transmitting our passion from Barcelona to the rest of the world.

Twenty One was born from the essence of cycling passion. Driven by the innovative and avant-garde spirit of the city of Barcelona, our brand seeks to accompany the progression of cyclists in each of their adventures with top quality clothing, designed from the smallest detail to improve their performance and give them the best feeling of comfort. A brand by cyclists who know what they do, for cyclists who know what they want. If you are one of those who live their passion even after getting off the bike, in every chat with a coffee and in every story, welcome to our peloton.

Cycling is a state of mind Twenty One Cycling


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