The Project

Why Twenty One? The stages of the big cycling events: Tour, Giro and Vuelta

Have you ever watched any stage of Le Tour de France, Il Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta a España... ? Have you ever seen the alpine landscape of Europe? have you ever seen a man crying on the floor next to his bike after 200 kms mountain stage?

The pure state of cycling history has always been those 3 big events...everything spins around them. The whole season culminates in three peaks where humans defy nature by facing the most demanding alpine climbs in Europe.

The history filled mountains around Alta Badia and their changeable weather conditions... the most demanding Cols of Provence with its lavender fields and the steepest ramps in the Northern part of Spain.

These landscapes force every year a bunch of world class athletes to bury their bodies to the ground just to defy nature...That’s the price of the fame if you professionally ride a bike.

Twenty One are the stages of Le Tour de France, Il Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta a España... Those who finish them reach glory.

What's cycling for us? Who we are

That moment when the pedal strokes fall on their own and the whole grupetto just looks at the beauty of nature and gasps... Riding wouldn’t be the same out of the mountains.

You can’t help it when you live around a landscape as beautiful as the Mediterranean seashores and mountain ranges. In one way or another nature is our true love and the bike our fast connection to it.

Twenty One is formed by a varied profile team of people from Barcelona that we share something that gives sense to our lives: enjoy the nature that surrounds us while cycling.

Designers, product developers, marketeers, accounting... we are all cyclists’ lovers, that’s the secret.

We all cycle in our own way: road cycling, triathlon racing, mountain biking on different disciplines, gravel, triathlon, city... but the will of making products in a different way to be enjoyed on a bike brought us all together.

What keeps us getting this project further is the ambition of bringing our love for bikes and our love for nature as close together as possible, in the most respectful way for both us, and the planet.

Connecting with the mountains through performance & design

Connecting with the nature and its difficulties through our products.

When settling the bases of Twenty One we all spoke our minds on what we wanted this project to achieve, what our customers could find on it.

The whole team agreed that you don’t always get performance when buying cycling products, and that products that performed well, were not always nicely designed.

On the other side, we felt that the meaning of Premium on the market had lost its sense.

We understand premium as something that could help you on your bike with its features, a product that has been designed to have its own personality, that you could feel connected to it, garments you would include on the plan when thinking on your next adventure on two wheels.

From that moment on, and every time we design, develop and produce our products, we seek for the same principles: performance and style at the best price possible for our customers.

Eco-performance: A respectful relation with nature

You can run on a treadmill, or row on an indoor rowing machine inside a gym while listening to your favourite playlist, but it will never give anything back to you... in a way you are not fully benefiting your time...

It’s only whilst breathing the mountains that you will understand that cycling is just an excuse to feel our planet closer, to get into that state of mind that connects us and our bikes with the nature around us.

Cycling is a state of mind.

While connecting with the environment you will forget all will only feel how the nature watches you back and thanks you just for being there; for respecting it.

This is why at Twenty One we more and more incorporate natural and recycled fabrics, to make sure that our mountains stay as we like them, as they should be.

Merino wool, lyocell , recyclable product bags or recycled product tags are in between some of our initiatives to be more eco-friendly, but this is just the beginning, as for us, having a respectful connection with the nature is the right thing to do, is out of discussion.