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BORN IN BARCELONA Cycling is a state of mind

Behind every journey, there is a story.

Here begins ours.

Volata & Twenty One Cycling

Cycling is more than a sport. It is a culture, a way of understanding life, and as such, it is only understood through the good stories that make it up. That is why from Twenty One we decided to establish an alliance with Volata magazine, to celebrate these stories and start a new one. Many think that cycling ends after completing a stage, but it is not. It continues in each talk shared with a coffee in between, in each photograph that revives feelings and in each anecdote to tell. It is a sport that transcends its own discipline. Volata understands it that way, as does our audience.

More than an alliance, a celebration

At Twenty One we want to escape the established, to pursue fashions and trends that offer a fast and temporary consumer product. Instead, we believe in what endures year after year, in the authenticity that lies at the very heart of our sport. At Volata, we not only find a magazine that is cared for in every detail, with a special sensitivity for the cycling world and with character and ambition. We find a travel companion that fits our philosophy, that he thinks like us.

From Barcelona to the world

From the conception of our garments, selecting the finest Italian fabric, the most neat patterns and the most perfect finishes, we are in tune with the way of working of a magazine that cares for every last tick in each of its publications , impregnating the love they feel for this sport in all its pages. It is for this reason that we do not want to call this collaboration an alliance, but rather a celebration. A celebration of authentic cycling, of people who love this sport and live by and for it. A celebration to bring cycling from Barcelona to the world.


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