Cycling is a state of mind

Why Twenty One?

21 is the number that marks the stages of the Tour, the Giro and the Vuelta. In other words, it is the number that sums up the very essence of cycling, that of overcoming the adversity of nature and personal limits to savor glory. From the illusion of the rookie in his first outing to the cyclist crying on the ground next to his bike after a 200 km mountain stage there is only one path: passion. Passion is the engine to success. For this reason, we do not understand cycling as a sport, but as a lifestyle that goes from the first glass of water in the morning to the last drop of sweat of the day.

At Twenty One we understand cycling as an activity that is not only carried out on a bicycle, but as a twenty-four-hour culture of people who live it in every minute.For this reason, our garments are not only designed to improve the cycling experience on the road, but also to improve the environment and the day-to-day life of those who work to enrich the culture of this sport.

Cycling is a state of mind