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The colours of our Factory Collection are inspired by sensations, and the unique adventures each ride brings. Despite planning your route, or perhaps even having ridden it before, you never know what you might see or find along the way. Whatever your day has in store, our principle remains the same: push performance to new heights.

Alchemy is one of our new Factory colours. A deep purple, sometimes referred to as the colour of magic, it represents a magical process of transformation, creation and combination. Alchemy is our code to a cyclist’s metamorphosis. From the moment we decide to invest time and energy into cycling, into the rush of new sensations and into the search for excellence, alchemy is already underway.

The chemicals that flow through our veins as we discover new heights, both personal and physical, are the reason we ride. Road cycling isn’t traditionally considered an adrenaline sport, but if you’ve ever descended the twists and turns of black asphalt carved into the mountainside, you might think of challenging this preconception.

Alchemy is a symbol of evolution. It is learning from our experiences. It is reacting to the raw sensations that flood our body when we train, when we push ourselves to our limit. Only through alchemy can we expand these limits and grow as cyclists. We don’t just ride, we perform.

Because cycling is a state of mind

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