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Base Layer's: The Origin

If you have reached this blog post to learn more about our undershirts, you are in the right post.

If you have arrived by chance, get ready to discover a unique and never seen garment.

Be comfortable. It will be a few minutes.

Sometimes great things happen because they must. Because in this great puzzle that is cycling, there are still some pieces missing.

And in that great puzzle, TwentyOne Cycling, bet on something different, sophisticated and special. In short, in unique pieces.

We talk about our undershirts. Limited series that are penetrating the market for their unique designs.

Who doesn't bring a banana to every outing? Who hasn't stopped for coffee on the way out? Raise your hand if you haven't had a plate of pasta the day before a long day of cycling. In addition, artichokes and broccoli are part of the diet of any cyclist.

More designs to come. Unique. Never seen. Limited editions.

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