Cycling is a state of mind

El ciclismo es un estado mental - Twenty One Cycling

Escape the city, go in search of the mountains

Every time we need to escape our daily routine we take our bikes, leaving the noisy city behind to go in search of the mountains. Thus, we disconnect from our responsibilities for a moment and feel closer to nature.

Our goal is to design and produce high performance cycling clothing.

The search for the balance between performance and comfort is what inspires us and drives us to create innovative garments. Without leaving behind our love for nature, we seek new materials and techniques that help us develop innovative solutions to the daily problems of cycling, problems that we ourselves have also experienced.

From one cyclist to another, because only by riding our bikes can we understand what we need to perform at our best. Whether it's finding the comfort we're looking for on a long haul or getting the most aerodynamic fit to roll.

In Twenty One our love of cycling translates into paying attention to all the details of design, style and sensations

For us, cycling is a state of mind.


Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling
Burnt Orange
Tibidabo - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home
Tourmalet - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb
Twenty One Cycling patterns - Twenty One Cycling
Twenty One Cycling patterns
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys - Twenty One Cycling
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys
Iconic Climbs Base Layers - Twenty One Cycling
Iconic Climbs Base Layers

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