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Rodaje de nuestro Aero Lightweight Jersey 2.0 en Cadaqués - Twenty One Cycling

The Costa Brava is one of Catalonia´s most emblematic and beautiful coastlines. Ask anyone who’s visited the region. Then ask them what its most quintessential village is. We guarantee most people will say “Cadaqués”.

We chose this village as the location for our latest photoshoot. We had it in mind from day one of the design process. In fact, it has been one of our principal sources of inspiration in choosing the colours for the newest range of our Aero Lightweight Jersey 2.0. As we see it, there is nowhere that better represents spring and summer on the Costa Brava than Cadaqués.


We arrived in Cadaqués with our photographer, @brazodehierro. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite as we had hoped, cloudy and windy, as the infamous tramuntana (meaning, beyond the mountains) wind blew in from the north. Nevertheless, still in high spirits, we headed straight for Port Lligat, a small fishing village and port just outside the village of Cadaqués, also home to Salvador Dalí and Gala’s house, now a museum. It’s not hard to see why they chose this location for their home, where they would reside for the next 40 years.


We came across a fisherman laying out nets ready for his morning fishing trip. He let us use his equipment as a backdrop and as props for the close ups of our jerseys, creating a distinct contrast between the soft and elegant garments and the rough and cumbersome material. We also took advantage of the coastline’s natural formations, rocky outcrops and sandy coves that highlight our connection with this area and its distinctive Mediterranean essence. The tramuntana was still blowing strong, and we had to watch out that our jerseys didn’t fly away, a testament to just how light they are…


We returned to Cadaqués proper now with our models in tow and headed to the centre of the village where we were suddenly enveloped by the colours that had inspired our latest collection: sand-coloured stone paths, clean white walls and turquoise-blue front doors.


We started shooting our models in action, documenting how they handled the windy conditions with ease and manoeuvred expertly around the winding streets. But our Aero Lightweight Jersey 2.0 was the star of the show. Its aerodynamic profile, ultra-lightweight design and premium finishes looked right at home against this classic Mediterranean backdrop.


The sun was starting to set as we took our last shots of the day. We found a steep climb in the middle of the village, a final challenge for our willing models. @brazodehierro took his final shots, capturing our jerseys in their best light.


We packed up for the day, confident that we’d accomplished what we’d set out to achieve. A collection of photos that reflect the essence of the Mediterranean, and Mediterranean riding, encapsulated in this charming village.

A huge thanks to our models and to our photographer @brazodehierro for their hard work and dedication on this shoot. Until next time!


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