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Twenty One Cycling Showrooms - Twenty One Cycling

At Twenty One we believe in the value of face-to-face contact and in-person customer service. For this reason, from our beginnings, we were very clear about the need to create a Showroom Where our clients could try on their Twenty One gardens, touch them, see the new collections first-hand and feel the quality of the materials on their own skin before purchasing their new cycling kit.

We wanted to make the Twenty One Cycling experience a 360 experience where the cycling becomes the center, as we know that when it come to building cycling clothing, clicking the right size and style can be tricky. And in this way, in 2021, a small premises on Sagués street in Barcelona scholarship our first Showroom.

A small cycling oasis in the middle of the big city inspired by the incredible terrain, winding mountain roads, Penedès lanes flanked by vineyards and coastal routes surmounting the Catalan capital. A space where you can find your new favorite jerseys or culottes, the socks that will accompany you on all your routes or your new base layers ideal both for summer and winter.

Come meet us at our Showroom in Barcelona, at Sagués Street n ° 24 From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling
Burnt Orange
Tibidabo - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home
Tourmalet - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb
Twenty One Cycling patterns - Twenty One Cycling
Twenty One Cycling patterns
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys - Twenty One Cycling
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys
Iconic Climbs Base Layers - Twenty One Cycling
Iconic Climbs Base Layers

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