Nut Lab # 3 Train your legs... and your stomach.

Nutrition Lab #3 | Entrena tus piernas... Y tu estomago. - Twenty One Cycling

As much as you have trained, your career can be ruined if you have gastric problems. I have often seen people in the gutters with vomiting (stomach cramp).

There are many of you who tell me in my office or on social networks that at some point your stomach has closed in full swing and you have not been able to eat more food, conditioning your performance to the maximum.

How can you avoid that? My answer is always the same: you need to train nutrition. I am going to give a very simple example. There is no point in training for months for a competition and not using supplements until race day. Or get your body used to taking one gel and on the day of the test, take four. If your body is not used to it, it may reject them.

 But nutritional training is not only important to avoid ailments. At a more advanced level, it can help you make a difference. Pairing your nutrition with your dietitian along with your workouts will undoubtedly make you evolve. Nutrition can be adapted to the type of person, their lifestyle, and the style of tests you want to do.

 Here I discuss four types of nutritional training (also known as Periodized Nutrition or Nutritional Training)

  1. Training high: With this training we want our body to learn to assimilate and take advantage of large amounts of glycogen to get the most out of each gram of carbohydrate ingested.
  2. Training low: If you want your body to be more efficient using fat as an energy source. This type of training is widely used, especially in pre-season
  3. Training the guts: it is about training your carbohydrate intake. In this way, we will avoid, for example, a stomach cramp. One way to train the gut is, for example, to go rolling right after a meal, to test ourselves on a full stomach.
  4. Training dehydrated: training without being well hydrated. It is good training to face tests where we know that you have to dose the liquid such as a Titan Desert.

All these strategies have to be supervised by a coach and a dietitian.

Here is a recipe for dates to take advantage of the Training high effect.



  • Dates
  • Tahini cream
  • Chocolate 99%
  • Coconut oil


1. Microwave 3 ounces of 99% chocolate for 1 minute. Stirrer well so that all the chocolate is well melted and adds 2-3 c/p of coconut oil. 2. Mix well.
3. Remove the seed from the date and add 1/2 c/p of tahini cream inside.
4. Bathe the date with the mixture of chocolate and coconut oil
Let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours.