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Pantone describes it as 19 – 1762 TCX. To us however, it will always be Nairobi. It's one of our favourite features from our new Factory collection. It is a rich and intense shade of red, inclining towards purple; a statement of power and strength.

Our Factory collection is inspired by the season, but also by the way we feel when we ride in the colder months of the calendar. We’re lucky that in the Mediterranean our training isn’t completely put on hold by sub-zero temperatures, snow-covered roads and lashing rain. More often than not, our gravest complaint, as we ride into the morning sun, is having to avoid the glare coming off the dewy coastal roads.

We are grateful for these conditions. This climate makes it possible and pleasurable to cycle all year round. It means we can concentrate on performance, strength and technique. It means we aren’t burdened by layer upon layer of thermal insulation. On a good day, a windbreaker and thermal gilet will suffice.

The intensity of our Nairobi pieces reflects our passion for this sport. It is autumn leaves, a twilight sky and roadside poppies. Colour is more than just a code to us. It’s a memory, a feeling, an attitude.

Because cycling is a state of mind.


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