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Desarrollo de producto - Twenty One Cycling

The balance between performance and design.

We seek the balance between optimal performance and exquisite design.

Twenty One was founded on four principles: 

  • Develop High quality products that serve as a tool for our customers.

  • High performance Is the fundamental principle that is present in the conception of all our garments.

  • Design Products that are extremely beautiful.

  • Reduce The environmental impact to the maximum.

  • All our products were created by the need to solve a present problem when practicing our favorite sport. Products that we wanted to have, but could not find in the market. 

    Our garments present innovative solutions to the common problems we experience daily on the bicycle.

    This is the main reason why our research and development team works hard to find the ideal materials and thus turn materials into testable prototypes. 

    We challenge ourselves to continue to improve the quality of the final product.

    All of our products have been tested by a community of cyclists of all kinds who help us develop the best products and accessories for our customers. 

    Thanks to all these tests we can trust that our garments will satisfy even the most demanding cyclist.


    Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling
    Burnt Orange
    Tibidabo - Twenty One Cycling
    Turó de l'Home - Twenty One Cycling
    Turó de l'Home
    Tourmalet - Twenty One Cycling
    Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling
    Els Àngels - Iconic Climb
    Twenty One Cycling patterns - Twenty One Cycling
    Twenty One Cycling patterns
    Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys - Twenty One Cycling
    Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys
    Iconic Climbs Base Layers - Twenty One Cycling
    Iconic Climbs Base Layers

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