An unprecedented adventure

Una aventura sin precedentes - Twenty One Cycling

The fourth edition of Among the Giants is over and the stories couldn't be more spectacular. The incredible landscapes of the Tyrol accompanied us throughout the journey, with the aim of taking the cycling spirit to the highest level with Raw Cycling Magazine. Here is a brief review of our experience so you can ride with us on this unprecedented adventure.

A diverse group with a shared passion

From the moment we set foot in Austria, the excitement of what was to come was already running through our bodies. An excitement shared with the rest of the group, who soon joined in and formed a great peloton ready for the adventure.

Diversity was the word that best defined this select group of cyclists. Influencers, designers, journalists and brand ambassadors all brought different perspectives to form a varied group, but with the same shared passion: the passion for cycling.

Presentations made, bikes prepared and equipment ready. Everything was set. And what was about to begin would exceed all our expectations.

Riding among giants

Starting at Ötztal Glacier Road and cycling days after days to Timmelsjoch we ride through all kinds of weather and challenging terrain, sharing moments of maximum intensity and moments of relaxation among companions with stories and anecdotes that we will carry with us forever. A complete cycling experience.

From the first morning when the first alarms sounded, we knew that the storm crossing Europe would be another travel companion. So, we prepared and equipped ourselves with rain gear and boot covers to get around any unforeseen events and overcome any obstacle the weather or the steepness of the climb might present.

And although the rain and humidity accompanied us practically all the way, nothing prevented us from riding and admiring the Austrian giants of the Tyrol that give the adventure its name. Impressive landscapes that will remain in our minds and that were so well immortalised by Brazo de Hierro, the experienced and renowned cycling photographer capable of capturing the very essence of the sport in each of his snapshots.

On reaching Timmelsjoch or, as it is known on the Italian side, Passo Rombo, the joy of the objective achieved and the challenges overcome invaded us. Now all that remained was to recharge our batteries and think about the descent. And, why not, the pizza party that awaited us down below.

Objective: accomplished

Unforgettable memories, timeless stories and lifelong companions. Our adventure in the Tyrol was short, but intense. On the last day we could only smile and think that what seemed unattainable had been achieved. And once again, the cycling spirit that we love and that fills us with passion, had reached the top.

We want to thank Raw Cycling Magazine for the organization and all the participants for being part of this special moment. We know the difficulties that the pandemic presented and that forced us to adapt to a new way of travelling. However, with everyone's effort, we managed to make this edition of Among the Giants a success.


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