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We believe in talent, vocation and the fusion of knowledge as a path to success.

Our garments are inspired by the practice of cycling at high level and our models are based on the research of new fabrics and close collaboration with the industry, which provides the most advanced clothing techniques to create high quality and performance garments together with an exquisite design.

Twenty One integrates a wide range of professionals: cyclists, designers, creatives, photographers, graphic designers, communicators, marketers, ambassadors, manufacturers, ... Multiple disciplines united by the passion to create beautiful and innovative kits for cycling.

We believe in talent, vocation and the fusion of knowledge. We think it is the way to success: collaborate, merge, create and evolve. This is how we conceive our products.

At our headquarters in Barcelona you will find an incredible team, very brilliant in everything they do, full of talent, a great vocation and passion for cycling.

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