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We celebrate the female cycling community

Cycling is a manifestation of the investment and commitment we make to ourselves. And it is seldom an easy ride. It is passion for self-improvement, the battles we face against our own limitations, mental and physical, as we push our potential to new heights. It is every last drop of sweat spilled as we strive to fulfil the objectives we set ourselves.

This sweat, this passion, these battles, constitute stories shared by women at every level of the cycling world and culture. So today, on 8 March, we celebrate the female cycling community, both on the road and on the sidelines.

We stand with female athletes not just today, on International Women’s Day, but every day.

Female cyclists seek and provide community, competition and inspiration. They challenge the raised eyebrows; smile kindly at unsolicited advice on how to train for a race, and push to beat the sprinters at the front of the peloton. Female cyclists are a manifestation of strength, power and resilience and they inspire us to do better and dream bigger.

What’s more, our women’s pieces are cut from patterns that have been designed specifically to suit female riders. We know how important it is to find kit that works for you, that lasts, and that will help enhance your performance from kilometre 0. That is our commitment.

Because cycling is a state of mind.

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