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The smell of the mountains

The connection with nature.

It’s only whilst breathing the mountains that you will understand what cycling is all about.

You can train in a gym while listening to your favourite playlist, but it's not the same, it will never give you anything back… you are in a way wasting your time… you are not really cycling.

We use cycling as the excuse to connect with our planet, to get into that state of mind that connects us and our bikes with the nature surrounding us.

This is why at Twenty One we incorporate every time more and more natural and recycled fabrics, to make sure that our mountains stay as we like them, as they should be. 

We use naturally sourced organic cotton, organic merino wool from the best sources available to ensure our impact on nature is as minimum as possible.

Recycled and sustainable materials are also used wherever possible not only for our clothing but for our packaging and product bags which are biodegradable.

Our initiatives to be more eco-friendly and sustainable are just the beginning, the research and development of fabrics with our providers is the real challenge and what keeps us motivated to really change the way sports clothing is created and consumed.

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