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Our own padding

For men and women specific anatomy.

Become one with your machine to perform like never before.

The most important things to take into account when trying to improve our performance on the bike are the three contact points: saddle, pedals, and handlebar. 

Why is it so difficult to find the right set of bib shorts? 

The answer is simple. The industry has always been producing the same type of padding regardless of the size, position of the rider or use 

For that particular reason, we have been working together with Dolomiti Pads; to develop a unique chamois pad that can adapt to the size, weight and position of our riders. 

After a long period of testing on compounds, constructions and finishing solutions, we finally reached what we wanted: 

Adaptability, comfort, lightness, breathability, quick-drying and a soft touch to the skin.  

Our team of ambassadors have been testing our chamois pad for a few months in different conditions and different landscapes to ensure that the quality of the product was excellent. 

We have engineered a chamois pad that fits different types of anatomy depending on the riders sit bones, position and size. Moreover, we have gone through the same process for men’s and women’s anatomy. 

Perfect padding that makes any ride a good ride, whether you are training, racing, touring or just enjoying a day on a bike. 

Custom engineered with two designs for men’s and women’s specific anatomy.

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