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Product developing

A balance between performance, design and sustainability

All our products are born from an issue on the bike and the will to produce something that we can´t find. Innovative solutions to everyday riding problems are present in our products.

Twenty One was founded on three principles:

Develop high-quality products that can serve as a tool for our customers.

Design garments that are as beautiful as they are technical.

Lower the impact that we produce in our environment to the minimum.

Textile fabric producers and clothing manufacturers are evolving at a fast pace towards the development of fabrics that can be used more than one time to create garments with high technical properties. 

At this phase of the project, we are testing fabrics and developing the necessary solutions to convert our products onto 100% sustainable garments. 

The use of naturally sourced materials like merino wool or lyocell and substitution of single-use polymer fabrics and the use gives us the opportunity of producing 100% sustainable cycling kit.

This makes us confident that our garment’s performance can match a truly demanding rider.

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