Borotalco - Twenty One Cycling

"Once upon a time in a pharmacy in Florence"

Our ode to Italian elegance, Borotalco is the most understated and timeless colour in our collection so far. It’s story dates back to the late 19th century, in 1878, when the Italian company Boro-Talcum was founded in Florence, offering a sole product that would soon make it a household name. Now known as Borotalco, this 100% natural talcum powder is still sold today, 150 years on, a testament to quality and tradition.

Inspired by this legacy, we have used this pastel-vanilla hue for our Factory jerseys, for both men and women. Exuding a sense of calm, repose and sophistication, it reminds us of cool spring mornings riding on quiet back roads past fields of sleepy horses. It reminds us of the smell of freshly cut grass, dewy fields and the first café con leche of the day.

Borotalco is our ode to classic, understated cool. Our pieces are manufactured using the finest Italian fabrics, so it’s only natural we look to Italy for further inspiration. We’ve translated this country’s timeless style into a minimalist design of effortless elegance.

Come and see, feel and try on our Borotalco pieces for yourself in our Girona Showroom at no. 4 carrer Força.


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