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Introducing Tripoli, one of the newest colours in our Aero range. It is a transitional colour, like the city from which it takes its name. From the Greek (Τρίπολη) Tri polis, meaning three cities, this is a colour that spans three seasons. From spring through to summer and autumn, it moves with you from one to the next, in both style and performance.

Its timeless elegance exudes calm, echoing shades of stone, sand and earth. Its organic hue reminds us of silent wooded roads, inviting us to stop, sit down and run our fingers through the grass; take off our shoes, and lean up against the trunk of a tree.

A moderate olive brown, a sand dune beige.

Tripoli is our connection to the earth, the ground we ride on every day, a constant source of energy and vitality granted by the planet. It’s a unique colour, exclusive to Twenty One, as is everything about our brand.

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