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Getting up each morning inspired to ride, and sticking to your daily training plan, isn’t always easy. It’s not always possible. We’re more likely to get up feeling tired and drained the majority of the time. Only occasionally do we feel that rush of adrenaline and the knot in our stomach, knowing we’re about to get back out onto the road. Nevertheless, however the day begins, every day we train, we feel the satisfaction that comes with upholding that commitment to ourselves.

Deciding to ride when your quads are burning, is passion.

Deciding to ride when you just want to stay in bed, is passion.

Deciding to ride when the thermometer reads 3 degrees, is passion.

Deciding to ride when it’s raining and the sky is grey, is passion.

We are obsessed with cycling. We love effort, sacrifice and the drive to succeed. Because one day, we got up and decided that this was our sport. We crafted a brand for people for whom, like ourselves, cycling takes precedence. And who, like the members of our team, have made a commitment to perfection.

We are committed to performance, to skill, but above all, to the strength we have to rally ourselves on the days we wake up feeling flat, which, let’s face it, often end up being the best days on the road. Because, in the end, cycling is a state of mind.


Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling
Burnt Orange
Tibidabo - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home
Tourmalet - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb
Twenty One Cycling patterns - Twenty One Cycling
Twenty One Cycling patterns
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys - Twenty One Cycling
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys
Iconic Climbs Base Layers - Twenty One Cycling
Iconic Climbs Base Layers

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