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Kilometers, zones and watts; data is one way of measuring performance. But what else can we do to optimize our training sessions? Learning to listen to your body and knowing when to push and when to hold back is often much more important than fighting for a new segment PR. But it’s something so many of us need to work on.

Understanding the importance of every decision you take, whether you’re training or competing, and being aware of the consequences, is also something we must learn.

The way we see it, no decision is taken in vain. That's why we don't just make our pieces look good. We put in the time to source the best fabrics to make sure you’re performance-ready. It doesn't matter if you only ride for an hour, because that hour could be just what you need to finish a top week of training, or to simply put your mind on pause and enjoy the road.

We want to help you stay warm, protect you from the wind, and be there with you as you reach your potential. These are our objectives and the reason we ask ourselves each day what we can do differently to design unparalleled collections that accompany you on your journey to greatness. Because we are, first and foremost, perfectionists.


Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling
Burnt Orange
Tibidabo - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home - Twenty One Cycling
Turó de l'Home
Tourmalet - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling
Els Àngels - Iconic Climb
Twenty One Cycling patterns - Twenty One Cycling
Twenty One Cycling patterns
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys - Twenty One Cycling
Discover our Aero Lightweight Jerseys
Iconic Climbs Base Layers - Twenty One Cycling
Iconic Climbs Base Layers

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