Els Àngels - Iconic Climb

Els Àngels - Iconic Climb - Twenty One Cycling

For us, the iconic Base Layers collection is one of the most emblematic Twenty One Cycling collections. This time, we want to pay tribute to four legendary climbs in Barcelona, Girona and the Pyrenees: Turó de l'Home, Tibidabo, Els Angels and Tourmalet.

Each of the four designs of the collection is different and special, as is each of the climbs they represent: Today we want you to meet Els Àngels Iconic Base Layer.

Girona is commonly known as a cycling paradise. So, when we decided to create the Iconic Climbs Base Layers' Limited Edition, Els Àngels climb, located in Girona, could not be missed.

To know what Els Àngels represents for the cycling world, we interviewed Melo, a cyclist for years. The first time I did Els Àngels climb, I was surprised by the good quality of the asphalt. For him, what stands out the most are the views that Els Àngels offer you once you are at the top: Girona, Rocacorba, Les Illes Medes... “A unique experience,” I have exclaims.

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