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Clothes as green as our bikes

Our road to sustainability

Carbon footprint is a worldwide concern and no longer a concept for the population to understand, but a global problem for everybody to take action immediately. 

The bicycle is the most efficient and less carbon footprint producing way of transport. But the way we dress to practice the sport we love is totally the opposite. We dress with non sustainable materials: single-use polymer fabrics such as polyester, or polyamides or lycra. 

Our goal: Be the first company to produce 100% sustainable cycling garments.

The use of natural fabrics such as lyocell, tencel, merino wool or organic cotton are within the best options we have to make clothes that reduce the impact on the environment. 

We will progressively incorporate into our products naturally sourced materials and recycled fabrics that help us reduce the impact on our environment and lower the carbon footprint. 

We have the challenge of making performance-based garments that nowadays cannot yet be made with natural fabrics, like cycling jerseys, bib shorts or waterproof garments. 

Technical fabric producers are making an extra effort to offer alternative products that help to get those materials back in the wheel of fashion circularity of the fashion industry in and recyclability. 

Products that can be recycled and reconverted into new fabrics again, instead of being single-use plastic fabrics that will end up in waste, and will contaminate not only our grounds because of their plastic-based composition but moreover, because they have died with highly toxic dying colourants and techniques. 

Twenty One has in mind to be the first company to produce fully sustainable cycling garments using natural and recycled fabrics and make our products as eco-friendly as our bikes are.

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