Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange - Twenty One Cycling

At Twenty One Cycling we really believe in the power of the colors. The way they can cheer up your day, inspire you and even transport you to special places or moments in your life.

For this reason, we like to careful choose the colors of each of our pieces, to highlight precisely this: how powerful colors can be.

For our Factory Midweight jersey we selected four colors that will deny us of a summer near the sea. To enjoy a sunset on the beach after an afternoon ride: Gold, Burnt Orange, Purple and Black.

The Burnt Orange color is the epicenter of a sunset, it is the color that brings charisma and that given that special touch to each sunset. The last sunbeams of the day reflecting off the clouds and painting them that Burnt Orange color.

The feeling of taking off your jersey and feeling the sea breeze caressing your skin. Take off your shoes and feel the warm sand on your feet. That's Burnt Orange.

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