Cadaqués Blue

Azul Cadaqués - Twenty One Cycling

The town of Cadaqués in the north east of Catalonia has been a source of inspiration and creative energy for over a century, attracting artists, writers and photographers to soak up its beauty. This traditional white fishing village is a maze of winding streets filled with overhanging flowers, which in the spring and summer is bustling with colour and life.

Our latest colour palette is inspired by this charming town. ‘Cadaqués blue’ represents the essence of the Mediterranean. It is a colour known around the region for its presence in this town, seen everywhere from painted front doors, to boats bobbing in the harbour, to the Mediterranean Sea itself.

Synonymous with summer, our turquoise blue is a reflection of the sea and cloudless sky that characterise the essence of this charming corner of Catalonia. It features among the other colours carefully selected for our most summer-ready and breathable piece, the Aero Lightweight Jersey 2.0, designed to help you stay cool and perform on every summer ride.

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